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Bluexperience is your premiere freediving tour amongst the most beautiful mammals in the world. From the friendly dolphins of Egypt to the massively impressive humpback whales in the Kingdom of Tonga. Experience the blue like you have never seen before.


Freedive HQ is not only an international freediving center but also travels through his department Bluexperiene-Freediving to meet marine mammals such as dolphins in Egypt, blue whales and sperm whales in Sri Lanka or humpback whales in the Kingdom of Tonga.

BlueXperience invites you to discover or improve your freediving technique. It is an invitation to change your perception of nature through our aquatic sensory experiences.

Develop your diving reflex, increase your freediving time, this is what we offer you through our approach at sea. Go to meet these fabulous wild animals such as dolphins, sperm whales and whales.

There are strong genetic similarities between humans and mammals with particularly developed brains. These similarities could explain why cetaceans, mammals such as humans, great apes and elephants have complex cognitive processes.

In these unique dive areas, we help make your immersion moments easier with them. We offer you multiple opportunities to understand their social behaviors, such as: education of mothers with their young people, games, hunting, parades and periods of sleep and their way of communicating.

To immerse themselves beside them is also to dive into the warm waters, to immerse yourself in apnea to relive the joy of weightlessness.

These trips are also the discovery of "the Art of not breathing". It is based on a coherent set of theoretical learning and dry and immersion practices.

Apnea is a great school of letting go, because the performance, as modest as it is, is realized in the simultaneous relaxation of body and mind.

It makes it possible to free oneself from the fears which find birth in our beliefs, our ignorance and our conditionings.

The meeting with large marine mammals is an opportunity to introduce you or improve your practice of playful apnea, more relaxed and more aware.

This is why we are committed to teaching throughout this course the fundamental principles of freediving for more comfort, more freedom, more pleasure and safety for all.

It is always a joy to see our bodies adapt to the conditions of apnea and realize that we share the reflex of immersion with large marine mammals.

We wish to see you fully experience this unique experience by ensuring a caring and secure environment.

This framework is part of a necessarily eco-responsible approach aimed at minimizing our impact on the environment where these beings live who give us the grace to welcome us into their natural environment.

Participating in these internships makes you an ecoresponsible traveler through BlueXperience's actions in the field.

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